TÜRKİNDİRİM card holders have the opportunity to receive a special discount at one of the best hospitals specializing in ophthalmology and vision correction DÜNYAGÖZ

Put your trust in the expertise of our staff and maintain the blessing of your vision


- General eye inspection

- Laser vision therapy

- Problem of hyperopia

- Ophthalmology Department for Children

- Strabismus treatment

- Eye surgery

- Correction of vision by intraocular lens

- Medical lenses


- Special discount for TÜRK İNDİRİM card holders

- The date of using TÜRK İNDİRİM card must be valid

- TURKINDIRIM card discount applies to the main price of the product or service and does not apply to discounts or offers offered by the store.

- To receive the discount you must present your card at the store when you pay

- TURKINDIRIM card must be activated (activation method included with the card)

- TURKINDIRIM is associated with its partners within the discount offered to customers and is not responsible for the quality of the product or service provided to the customer

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